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On-Site Commercial Lighting Analysis

Most savvy business owners, property managers, and decision makers have come to realize the exciting bottom line potential of today’s green technologies, and the often challenging implementation process that comes along with them.

Among the quickly evolving green technologies, energy efficient lighting stands out because of its rapid return on investment, immediate improvement in facility appearance, and marketability to customers and employees.

If you’re not sure where to turn to get help with selecting the right lighting technologies, applying for the proper government and utility incentive programs, and ensuring proper installation – please consider contacting us today.

Our 5 step, no-pressure process makes it easy for our clients to understand firsthand the “no-brainer” financial benefits that energy efficient lighting offers.


Step 1 – Initial Phone Consultation

• Discuss type of application, desired goals, and decision makers involved
• Discuss current lighting technologies
• Introduce new LED, Induction, and High Efficiency Fluorescent Technologies
• Set up an on-site lighting and energy analysis

Step 2 – On-Site Lighting Analysis

• Evaluate existing lighting systems, usage levels, and energy consumption
• Discuss the clients’ goals for the project
• Obtain current utility bills
• Discuss potential options and budget considerations
• Evaluate Retrofit vs. Replacement options
• Explain the energy analysis process

Step 3 – Generating the Energy Assessment and Lighting Proposal(s)

• Enter existing lighting’s energy consumption, usage profile, and utility rates into our proprietary energy analysis software
• We work with our industry partners to develop one or several options to meet your lighting goals
• Enter new proposals into our software to determine ROI, available incentives and tax credits, and long term maintenance considerations

Step 4 – Proposal Visit

• Present proposal options and payback period analysis
• Discuss recommended lighting technologies and control systems
• Present a 10 year capital expenditure plan
• Present an estimated project timetable
• If no modifications are required, provide an executable contract to the client

Step 5 – Coordinate Installation

• Provide necessary licenses, bonds, and permits
• Discuss site restrictions, access concerns, and installation plan
• Arrange for material delivery (if necessary)
• Schedule installation dates
• Complete work as specified without the use of subcontractors
• Meet with client to ensure satisfaction
• Final system evaluation to ensure performance and longevity

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