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Residential Lighting

Outdoor lighting — it’s what we do.

We aren’t just any residential lighting company. We are THE residential outdoor lighting company. From architectural lighting to landscape lighting and more, we focus our services exclusively on outdoor lighting so you always get exactly what you’re looking for. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What We Do

We want to transform your outdoor living spaces in the best way possible. Some of our exquisite outdoor lighting options include:

  • Accent lighting to subtly show off your property’s best features
  • Architectural lighting to highlight your home’s unique beauty
  • Pool lighting to keep your nightly swims safe
  • Patio and deck lights to add excitement to your nighttime entertaining
  • Garden lighting to accentuate your stunning landscaping
  • Path lighting to guide your guests where they need to go

To learn more about our residential landscape lighting company and what we can do for you, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at (630) 754-8850. Our lighting designers will come to your home to create a custom plan for your outdoor spaces.


A Full-Service Residential Lighting Company

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we provide all the help you need to set up and take care of your outdoor lighting. Our services include:

  • Free In-Person Consultation – Work directly with a designer to create a custom lighting plan for your property, with no hassle and no purchase obligation.
  • Budget and Guarantee – See your property’s full potential and budget the cost with same day quotes. We also offer post installation consulation at night to assure your satisfaction.
  • Existing Lighting Upgrades – If you already have lighting on your property, we have retrofit kits to upgrade it to modern LED lights. These low-voltage lights will save you money and provide a brighter look for your yard!
  • Residential Lighting Maintenance – You’ll get regular maintenance for your outdoor lighting so it always works its best.

Get your free consultation today and learn everything you need to know about our residential lighting company. Discover why our clients return to us time and time again.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here for all your outdoor lighting needs. During our Free Custom Design Plan, we will show you the optimum locations around your home and throughout your yard to achieve stunning outdoor lighting effects. If you already have a lighting system but need it serviced or upgraded, we are happy to help. Please fill out the form below to contact us.