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The World is Undergoing a Lighting Revolution – Don’t Miss Out


Lightbulbs Changing TechnologySince the advent of the electric light bulb, there has been a continual effort to increase lifespan and energy efficiency while keeping costs down.

Although incandescent, HID, and CFL technologies have improved substantially within the last two decades, their days as leading edge technologies are quickly coming to a close. Typical incandescent, HID and CFL light sources are far more effective heaters than they are light producers and are generally only 5 – 25 percent efficient at producing light.

CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) was, as recently as a few years ago, billed as the technology of the future for residential and commercial lighting. However, slow warm-up times, mercury concerns, premature failures and varying light output have somewhat limited CFL’s popularity.
In either case, these technologies are on the verge of being rendered obsolete by the three leading technologies of the new lighting revolution – LED, Induction, and High Efficiency Fluorescent.

Despite the higher initial cost – the exceptional lifespan, efficiency, and performance of these technologies greatly outweigh the initial investment in most cases. As price continues to fall and performance continues to improve (especially with LED), there will be a rapid rise in the use and acceptance of these new, highly efficient light sources.

Coupled with the US’s immediate needs to reduce energy consumption, burning of fossil fuels, and reliance of foreign sources of energy – we are just at the beginning of the green revolution.

Two Eye-Opening Facts from the Department of Energy:

us_department_of_energy_logoBy 2030, the annual site energy savings due to increased use of LED lighting is estimated to be 300 terawatt-hours – the annual equivalent of fifty 1,000 megawatt power plans. Assuming that the mix of power producing technologies stays the same, this would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,800 million metric tons by 2030.

By 2030, LED lighting is projected to provide 74% of the light produced in the United States, up from only 1-2% currently.

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